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Benefits and Risk of Asthma Drugs

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Talk about the asthma medication, not separated from the wide selection of types of drugs available. Starting from the class of drugs, intended use, as well as dosage forms. Different classes of drugs will show different effects. Different effects will affect the intended use, whether the drugs used to prevent or to cope with current asthma relapse. While the dosage form influencing onset (time taken from drug to drug consumption have an effect) and the effectiveness of medications so usually adjust to the goals of treatment and the patient's condition. But keep in mind the drug in addition to having the benefit, of course not separated from the risk of side effects.
Class of steroids. Examples of drugs known as steroids include budesonide, dexamethasone and beclometason. First-line drugs in asthma therapy is commonly used for the purpose of preventing a recurrence of asthma. But can also to address the current state of asthma relapse. In preventive therapy that requires patients take medication regularly should use inhalation dosage form, or better known as the metered dose inhaler (MDI). The use of inhaled has a faster onset compared with the use of oral (taken drugs thus bypassing the gastrointestinal tract). Side effects can be minimized because the drug only works around the respiratory tract. Regarding the issue of children's growth disorders and the onset of osteoporosis due to steroid use over and over, there are no facts for asthma drugs used in inhalation dosage forms. In addition to the inhalation dosage form, still it was likely to receive the steroid drug in oral dosage forms. Side effects of drugs known as steroids, among others, increasing pressure and blood sugar levels, so the use of steroids in people with hypertension and diabetes mellitus (DM) needs special attention. These drugs also have effects as steroids imunosupressan that can lower immunity. So you should still maintain the condition and stamina during its use. While the use of steroids to pregnant and lactating women is safe as long as the drug is given on the recommendation of doctors. Even before giving birth is often performed intravenous injections of drugs known as steroids to prevent asthma relapse during childbirth. Noteworthy is the time patients receive preventative therapy that requires the use of steroids on a regular basis. During steroid therapy received from outside bodies / exogenous system resulting in endogenous (hormones) in the body does not produce steroids. Therefore, the use of steroids should not be stopped abruptly, and the dose should be lowered slowly to give time to the endogenous system to get back to work producing steroids.
To overcome the acute attack, the drug class of beta-agonists such as salbutamol to be first-line drugs that work as bronchodilators (relaxing the bronchi). These drugs were already widely available in the form of inhalation so that the work is more effective in treating acute attacks. In an emergency where the patient has severe breathing difficulties that are used in nebulizer drug delivery methods. Nebulizer is a method of curing such a drug given to patients so that drugs can enter the respiratory tract even in difficult breathing. Unfortunately not all health facilities have the tools nebulizer because it is relatively expensive. In addition to the use of short-acting, there are also beta-agonist class of drugs that works long-acting, such as salmeterol or formeterol, onset and duration of which has a longer effect than salbutamol. Usually for the prevention of recurrence of asthma therapy. Side effects of beta-agonist group is quite diverse as: tremors / trembling of the hands, headache, hypokalemia (potassium deficiency), and tachycardia (accelerated heartbeat). However, these side effects do not always happen every time the use of drugs. Side effects appear or not depending on the clinical condition of each individual. If the beta-agonist drugs used in excessive long-term and may decrease its effectiveness. This is because the occurrence of drug receptor desensitization, so that the receptors become less sensitive. Therefore need larger doses to obtain the same effect. For that doctors will consider the most appropriate dose for patients according to clinical circumstances.
Beta-agonist drug therapy is sometimes combined with anticholinergic drug classes to achieve a better effect. Same with beta agonists, anticholinergic drugs such as ipratropium bromide group working with bronchial relaxing. Commonly used to treat acute attacks. Side effects that arise include: dry mouth, drowsiness, and impaired vision. Primarily on the use of inhalation technique in which patients perform less precise spraying. In a moment the eye can become blurred. Therefore, patients should know the proper technique of using inhaled eg by asking your doctor or pharmacist. One more familiar drug in the treatment of asthma, namely theophylline. Theophylline drugs classified as 'old' in the sense already used for therapy for a long time. Theophylline has a range of therapeutic dose and toxic dose is narrow. It can be dangerous if patients take excessive doses. Theophylline poisoning symptoms include: insomnia, headache, nausea, and tachycardia. Therefore at this time of theophylline has a lot left in asthma therapy. But sometimes still used for example in an emergency, theophylline administered by injecting in the form of aminophylline. Use of theophylline is considered because the price is economical. Theophylline was still there as one of the active ingredients-the-counter asthma medication. In conclusion asthma medications are quite safe. Recommended for use inhalation, because the effect is more rapid, appropriate target because it directly into the respiratory tract, side effects were minimal when compared to oral use so it is quite safe. And the proper technique of using inhaled greatly affect the success of therapy

Tags: asthma treatment, asthma medications, asthma therapy, Nebulizer therapy, Beta-agonist drug therapy, Risk of Asthma Drugs, Benefits of Asthma Drugs

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Asthma Treatment usually involves learning to recognize your triggers and taking steps to avoid them, and tracking your breathing to make sure your daily asthma medications are keeping symptoms under control

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