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Hemotorax is the presence of blood in the pleural cavity.

Pathophysiology and Etiology
  1. Sharp trauma or blunt trauma. This can occur when blunt trauma can cause fractures of the ribs, resulting in a torn intercostal blood vessels and also cause a tear in the lung tissue.
  2. A torn aortic aneurysm
  3. Complications due to drug administration on pulmonary infarction antikoagulansia
  4. In patients with abnormalities of "hemorrhagic diathese".
  5. Complications in thoracic surgery.
Clinical Symptoms

Symptoms and complaints hemothorax depending on the weight and severity of trauma. Patients may complain of shortness of breath, chest pain, until the shock and anemia.

1. Anamnesa : A history of trauma to the chest, or after surgery.
2. Physical examination
  • Found such signs in the pleural effusion.
  • At the hospital hemitoraks reduced movement.
  • Hemithorax percussion on the sick and faint sounds on auscultation, breath sounds audible reduced or disappear altogether.
3. Chest X-ray photos : Radiological picture as in pleural effusion.
4. Laboratory.
After aspiration of the experiment, the liquid is carried out the examination as follows:
  • If the number of erythrocyte 5000-6000 / mm 3 --> "a Rosy tint".  If the number of red blood cells> 10,000 / mm 3 --> "serosanguinous". It is found in pleural effusion hemoragic.
  • If the fluid coming from complications hemoragis torasentesis, the liquid is centrifuged and the supernatant became clear. In contrast to the supernatant hemothorax still red.
  • It is said hemothorax tilapia Hb blood from the pleural cavity> 1 g / dl or if the hemoglobin derived from blood hemothorax half the price of capillary blood Hb.
Management Of Hemothorax

  1. Loss of blood.
  2. Respiratory failure.
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