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Management Of Pleural Effusion

Management Of pleural Effution :
  • Pleural fluid aspiration performed, to reduce the unpleasant taste or "discomfort" and shortness of breath.  It is advisable to gradually aspirations.Fluids released between 500 - 1000 cc. When taking too many and can quickly lead to pulmonary edema.
  • Incorporating intrapleura chemotherapy for malignancy (eg radioactive gold or Ytrium).
  • More often performed pleurodesis in the process of malignancy or in the frequent recurrence of effusion.
  • By using 500 mg tetracycline powder is dissolved in 50 cc of physiologic saline. Patients shake it so flat, then the liquid removed after clamped for 24 hours or given jodium powder or talc.
  • Pain that occurs because the administration of drugs above can be overcome with the analgesic. If need be given pethidine 100 mg i.m.
  • Provision of steroids combined with antituberculosis can absorb the pleural effusion caused by pulmonary tuberculosis quickly and reduce fibrosis.

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